Mt Moriah Cemetery: the Gray plot

The Gray plot captured my attention and I am mesmerized. The contrast between the exquisite polished pink granite and the unkempt abandoned state had my imagination going. I love the entryway with the massive spheres on each side of the gate, gleaming in the afternoon sun. Like much of the cemetery, the overgrown, abandoned state has much to offer, aesthetically and spiritually, telling a compelling story about our world and our existential state as a species and society.

Many of our past posts have delved into the nuts and bolts of environmental restoration issues, dealing mainly with invasive plant removal and the stabilization of existing native plant populations and many ongoing conversations have focused on this.

Lately, in our renewed and invigorated state as a blog, there is an interest in urban planning, land use and just the current state of the modern landscape. All of these things are interconnected, and please stay with us as we navigate through this complex ecosystem!

Enjoy the next seven photos of this intriguing cemetery plot, here in West Philadelphia!


The Gray plot, Mt Moriah Cemetery
The Gray Plot