Our blooming Philadelphia urban native plant garden

There are many amazing blooming native plants in our garden today! Most notable is the Iris! We planted a bunch of Columbine seeds in the alley and now there is a couple of plants blooming! We also have Milkweed!

This garden was a vacant lot that we purchased from the city of Philadelphia in 2006 to be used as a garden.

Osrich Fern

Tulip Poplar, Blue-eyed grass and Sweetbay Magnolia: Blooming!!!

The sweetbay Magnolia with its enchanting scent is currently blooming in cultivation at the Native Plant Park.

A fairly large tulip poplar was also in bloom. It also had some very low hanging branches which is really nice because we were able to get a great view of the flowers up close.

The fresh Sensitive fern brightened up the scenery here in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia on this Sunday May 19th. Today was hot like a Summer day!