Burning Bush, (Euonymus alatus) stems and habit

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) stems and habit. Younger stems have pronounced corky wings aligned with the axis of the stem, positioned at 90 angles with respect to each other, creating 4 sets of wings per stem. The stems are green. The wings become less pronounced with age. Multiple plants can be part of the same root system. Still planted as an ornamental for its red fall color, this Asian shrub has become invasive in urban and suburban forest remnants. Photo taken with Keeba the dog on February 13, 2013 in Morris Park, Philadelphia.

Burning Bush
Burning Bush

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  1. My Burning Bush grew so fast and was so ugly in winter. When I found out it was invasive, I had it removed. It came from a reputable nursery and is available now at Home Depot.

    1. Earlene, that is great that you removed it! I hope that you can find an appropriate bush hopefully a native one to your region that will provide you with lots of aesthetic beauty and natural wealth. A possible replacement to the burning bush would be the native euonymus the Euonymus americana. this is also called the strawberry bush and is a wonderful native shrub with beautiful fruits in the fall. where are you located?

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