A snowless Philadelphia winter

Blooming daffodils this afternoon, Sunday February 19, 2023 in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Where the heck is the snow?!?

At this point in time I should be complaining and cursing about the snow. Now I’m left complaining that I am not complaining. I should be rightfully completely annoyed at the nonstop snow and ice parade outside our door. Having to constantly shovel. The endless salting and sanding of the public right of ways we are responsible for maintaining, and all of the mess it inevitably brings into the house. The snow piles get bigger and filthier, nothing gets hidden from the grotesque, increasingly unwelcome snow piles. Nothing is picked up and everything is stuck to the ice. Out come the illegal cones and folding chairs and icy parking spaces and the spinning tires and the complete loss of temperament as the conditions grind on through February into March until who knows when. The heavy coats, boots, thick gloves on and on. Then another one comes through, pretty to watch while cozy at home, that blizzard rips in blowing up drifts and covering the old dirty snow. If the timing is right, we go sledding up on the Belmont Plateau the very next day. I polish the steel runners of my ancient trash picked sled with fine sandpaper and off we go into the bright snowscape and enjoy the winter to the fullest extent possible. A rare moment this is though. It is fun to go zooming down the huge hill with the city skyline in the distance on such a fast sled. Passing all the lumbering plastic sled sledders in my wood and metal 1950s era runner sled. Heads start turning and people start getting envious of this old school sled.
The afternoon sun changes and within 24 hours I am back to categorically condemning this reprehensible season wondering when will spring ever come. Where’s the daffodils??

This year it’s why the daffodils!

I miss the snow and want it to come back.