February 2023 bicycling through the park

It’s been awhile since we have posted, and I have identified a pattern: we are similar to the spring ephemeral wildflowers, when they are out we are posting! The blog is around 13 years going which is pretty cool for a blog. Busy with the houses and all of the intrigues of life, the blogging days have been in the rear view mirror lately. However we still have so much to observe and share.
Sean, as of this writing, me, have been very occupied in Fairmount Park as a user more than a contributor, for now. I have taken on bicycling in the park the past year and have carefully and thoughtfully curated a 12 mile route that involves hardly any interaction with automobiles, that goes from door to door from our Parkside neighborhood house. The bike ride has become somewhat of an institution in my life, providing much needed exercise as I roll into my fifties, as well as outside time and *being in the world time* as the pandemic has dragged on.
Every turn, trail and pathway has been carefully explored and crafted over a years exploration of the most pleasant route for a novice bicyclist. I curated the route to be very friendly for Isabelle as well, without huge tree branches, rocks and other obstructions that may make the riding less pleasant.
I hope to write about this new adventure and my and our many observations, botanical discoveries and critiques of the park and the city along the way. Stay tuned and if you are a subscriber please open up that occasional e-mail, it will never be boring!