We are interrupting our ongoing coverage of street trees in French and Spanish cities to briefly outline the deep vulnerabilities and flaws in the current U.S. transportation infrastructure, a theme we have been pounding away at in recent posts here at the Sanguine Root.

It is totally pathetic that the entire East Coast can be disabled by a section of crucial highway approximately 50 feet across and 100 feet long is taken out. We can do better than this!

Here are some solutions that conform to the laws of physics:

A: Build real high speed rail on the Northeast Corridor and implement a nationwide network across the U.S.

B: Build the Subway/ light rail along the Roosevelt Boulevard in NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA which it was originally intended!!

C: Thoughtfully consider scaling our economic system to be weighted towards a local scale instead of the wasteful hyper-capitalism which is straining to the breaking point the weak US transportation infrastructure among so many other things, such as the environment.

Below is the blue French TGV that Isabelle and I just rode from Toulouse to Paris, France at 200 miles per hour! Passengers are casually departing the train like they just got off a subway train! Contrast this image with the I -95 images on the news of the collapsed highway.

Let that sink in!