Time to retool. Immediately. Factories. Society.

The Sanguine Root blog has been officially commandeered and is currently being retooled to manage the current coronavirus crisis. While under “normal” circumstances we are discussing issues of native plants, ecology global warming, and all things genetic and beautiful, truly basking in the beauty of nature for all of us to enjoy and appreciate as well as meditating on the discordant aspects of our ecological situation.

But now things have changed and we are retooling to accommodate the current crisis. We are going to be discussing the issues that are related to this current situation and when the time allows it would be wonderful to start discussing life after this crisis in a practical manner. So let’s get down to business:As ecologists we are also humanitarians. Both are intrinsically linked. A humanitarian crisis is an ecological crisis. And it can be said that an ecological crisis is a humanitarian crisis. it is definitely a fact that humanity has created this crisis. Our species has created this crisis. There are actual multiple crises happening at once: There is the animal holocaust. The chicken factories and truckloads of tightly caged birds we see on the highways should be a warning sign of a serious problem. (Viruses that promulgate in these conditions and then suddenly jump species.) The chicken reality is just one example of the ongoing mis treatment of animals in America.

The American crisis in healthcare. The inequality, and the insecurity of millions of people. In the current Coronavirus Pandemic which is showing no signs of subsiding, is revealing even more brutally how vulnerable Americans are to death and disease.

We as Americans need to retool immediately! Factories need to make ventilators, n 95 masks, disinfectants, gloves, all sorts of protective gear and Anything that will help our frontline healthcare workers do their jobs safely now. We need to rise to the Occasion as Americans. Anything that gets in the way of saving lives needs to be totally ignored. Everyone that is sewing masks at home or donating their time and their lives, health care workers, supermarket employees, public transit workers and all essentials are true Heroes, it is an absolute must that your employers are issuing you masks and making sure that everything that you do has a layer of protection.

I know that we are behind the eight ball on this one. Probably by a few weeks to a couple of months. I put the blame squarely on all Autocratic authoritarian regimes, including our own American political crisis.

Please dear readers, you are on your own and please use your best judgment, practical knowledge and your most common sense approach to deal with this crisis!

Let us hear your thoughts!

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