Life in Crisis mode

Stopping the bleeding. Let us think of pure survival. Us healthy for now citizens must stay home if we can and limit our outings for food and possibly outdoor exercise if in an appropriate setting. So nobody who is taking this situation seriously is really having much fun. We are overburdened with worries and anxieties, exasperated at witnessing our fellow citizens flaunt the situation and going on as normal, not practicing social distancing. What was a decent trip to the grocery store has turned into a surreal nightmare scenario for those of us who are really tuned into the ins and outs of this situation.

There is so much information to process, from the day to day news cycle to the ins and outs of protecting ourselves from infection, and the overall big picture scenarios, we must parse through all of this information and try our best as citizens to make sound decisions fully knowing that our information sources may also be propaganda. Just a Few weeks ago reputable news sources were telling us not to wear masks and now they are telling us that we absolutely must wear masks. This is the kind of propaganda that I am talking about. We are truly on our own to protect ourselves and our family. We must think things in a practical manner and think them through. Of course we must rely on all of the news sources that we have on our hands but we must also think critically about what they are propagating at the specific time. These are truly scary times and especially scary knowing that we are all on our own to make the best decisions for ourselves regardless of what type of information and dictates are given to us at any specific time.

Lastly we cannot over emphasize the fact that this virus can be undetected without symptoms for up to two weeks. In the meantime hundreds of people could be infected without knowing. This is one of the most scariest aspects of this virus. This is why you must assume that everyone else is infected and you are also infected until proven otherwise. It is extremely hard to get a test for this disease at this point. We really need to have tests!

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  1. And the libertarians are out there “fighting for the rights that have been taken from us.” Fools. There are times when certain rights must be curtailed for the common good. I wonder how many of the demonstrators will come down with COVID-19. We are staying put. We have groceries delivered about every 2 weeks. They put them on the picnic table and leave. So there doesn’t have to be any contact.

    1. Yes I definitely agree. I certainly will not be putting libertarian and humanitarian in the same sentence from now on. I think that they are not helping their cause by making this decision to not support a public health crisis/disaster. I think the libertarians are confusing the issue and are applying their reactionary and dogmatic talking points to a serious societal crisis. It really reveals how the Libertarian philosophical backbone is nothing more than a weak facade, completely unable to hold up and come forth strong in a real crisis.

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