Maureen's Witch-Hazel Grove, Monson, Massachusetts
Maureen's Witch-Hazel Grove, Monson, Massachusetts

A new poem has been added to our Poetry In The Forest page.  We searched our photo archives and found pictures of the author standing amidst her subject matter.  Here is the poem. Enjoy!


The  Witch Hazel Grove

Deep in the woods behind the house
past the streams and beyond the Mountain Laurel
there is a grove of witch hazel.

Oval and with space between the bushes
which stand tall and sway gently
as we move among them.

This grove is surrounded with an aura
of gentleness and silence. Not like
a single bush or a lone tree.

This is a meditation place
there is a center here and the woods
grow around it.

Time may slow down. Small forest
mice feel safe. Overhead the trees
lean in a simple bow.

July 2011

M. Solomon

Maureen's Witch-Hazel Grove, Monson, Massachusetts

The actual Witch-Hazel grove in Monson Massachusetts.


    1. You Got it Stella! it is a wonderful forest. Everytime we visit we find a new species of woodland plant growing. Growing up I remember ladyslipper orchids growing in these woods, but havent seen them on our latest trips. maybe we have to look earlier in the season.

    1. we have not reached the sophisticated position of having a comment feature for each photograph, however, this is something we will look for in the upgrades to the wordpress templates as we move forward in our progress!

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