Today a pickup truck full of corpses showed up at the Philadelphia city morgue. They were pulled out by their feet.

There is a lot that we do not know about this virus, however let us focus on what we are pretty sure is true:

People without any symptoms whatsoever can be carrying and can transmit this virus to others. So that means that anybody that you see could potentially be carrying the virus and could give it to you. There is no way of knowing at this time how you will react to the virus; young or old, sick or healthy.

At this point in time what we don’t know is very important. It would be nice to know alot of things about our current situation such as:

How long will it take before someone who has the virus still be contagious?

How will we personally react to the virus?

How exactly contagious is the virus?

How is the virus really spreading?

How contagious is it through the air? From talking, breathing, walking on the street? Walking through the park? Walking through our apartment building? Walking into an elevator? Walking into a subway car or bus?

There is a lot of talk about the 6 foot rule. You must truly question this! Where is this 6 foot rule coming from? Do you really think that the 6 foot rule is enough? Do you really feel comfortable being just 6 feet from someone who is absolutely contagious? How do you know if the person six from you is contagious or not?

Oh yes, more questions than answers if you really think about it!

We strongly suggest that you seriously think things through, from your trip to the grocery store to just walking down the street on the sidewalk. How safe is each of these activities? A run in the park? A walk in the park? Where do you go that is safe and is not safe? When do you think it will be safe again by looking at the numbers in the maps? This is a time to really look at the raw data that is out there being collected by journalists and news organizations.

Just one year ago we were putting up pictures and talking about the Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve. We were admiring the Trilliums and Bluebells. We have been worried about the oil pipeline that they wanted to put through the preserve and of course global warming.