Failure and disaster: And more failure and disaster. Downplaying the crisis followed by a failed re-opening of the economy.

Watching this crisis unfold in real time. Everything has been going pretty much as expected. Not enough supplies in the hospitals and people dying because of it. Healthcare workers getting sick and dying because of a lack of supplies. A complete mis-management on the Federal government level. Hospitals are fending for themselves, states are fending for themselves. Pretty much everyone is on their own.

There will be a pre-mature re-opening of the economy with lots of fanfare. Many people will be smart and continue self isolating. Many people who do not have the luxury to do that will be forced to go to work and put themselves in danger. They will also be putting everyone else in danger that they are around so there will be a lot of people who are going to be put in grave danger because of this very bad decision.

If you are in a position to be able to still work from home and have that luxury please do not be tempted to go out and go on as life was before.

Before you are tempted into putting yourself in danger ask yourself the hard questions about testing and also about contagion. Who is contagious and how can you know if they are or are not contagious even if they are your some of your best friends?

Just wait. Give it some time, give it the time that you know it needs. We need people who are thoughtful and cognizant of the real dangers of this situation to do the right thing. This summer they will probably have the economy reopened- bars will re-open and maybe even your friends will have gatherings and get-togethers. However it is most advisable to continue to avoid these until we really see the numbers come down to very significant levels. Now mind you we may not see these numbers because they will not be shown to us -there will still not be proper testing and we are going to be living in the dark.

There will be plenty of gaslighting and we will most certainly be in the dark so as long as we do not have the information we need to make informed decisions. We must stay on the side of caution and continue to stay home. If we have that luxury.

What is most comforting to us is to see our family and our friends that we may have not have seen in these dark times.

However comforting these times we look forward to may be could become what is the most dangerous thing for us and for our friends and family. It’s an insidious disease. That is why I urge you to continue the self distancing and the staying at home policy until we really know what is going on. We must not jump the gun and put the cart before the horse. As much as we want to see our friends and go to the local bar and see our family we must resist the temptation especially as the weather gets better and we feel like things are getting better. We must be smarter than that. Look at what other countries are doing now.

If we don’t do it right the disaster will continue on and continue on.