We arrived at the preserve around 2:30. The Lancaster Conservancy volunteers have picked about 20 bags of garlic mustard! The conservancy had a table set up and they gave us a free pouch of purple cone flower seeds!

Susquehanna Trillium, freshly blooming!

Trout Lily

A panoramic view!

The weather was nice and sunny and it was around 60° with a light wind

Mertensia virginica




A view of the creek

A morphological display of the bluebells. The cliff in the background provides a nice dark backdrop to show off this plant!

The emerging fronds of a Christmas Fern

The Conservancy has done a good job of blocking off rogue trails that usually end up getting plants crushed. They also closed off the old road making for a more pleasant hike. There is also a lot of educational material and signage to help people discover different plants. I only saw one crushed Trillium very close to the pathway. In years past, we would see dozens. They are also giving a daily tour on weekends this month.

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