Red Oak trees, planted from acorns in 1985. Reporting from Monson Massachusetts

In 1985 I acquired two acorns sourced from Thayer Road in Monson Massachusetts. I planted them at my home on Moulton Hill Road, about 8 miles away as the crow flies. I got them in the fall and put them in some dirt filled pots and se5 them in the damp basement for the winter. By spring the acorns were swelled up and ready to sprout. I chose two locations that today I would not have picked, because they are too close to 1, a drainpipe and 2, a septic leach field. Over the years I have watched the two trees grow, sometimes suffering from too much water nearby, the occasional insect infestation and one of them was accidentally mowed over in its sapling state.

This is the one that got mowed down in 1986. It looks about 45 feet tall. Below is the one planted near the septic system.

A nice place to sit, in front of the Mayapple patch featured in yesterday’s post.

The circumference of the mowed down one is clocking in at 7 feet!! Measured in the trunk about a foot above the end of the flare.

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