The check is in the mail

I’m hoping my frustration is felt across-the-aisle, in a non-polarized way.

Am I the only one who thinks that the $1200 relief check is a mix between a joke and an insult, for the average American family?

I am not denying the obvious benefit: it will be a lifesaver if there’s an emergency medical bill, a car or household appliance that needs immediate repair, and imminent bill payment that will keep a debt collector at bay (for a minute).

But beyond that immediate injection of relief, what happens? What’s the plan?

-Students loans will still be there
-Mortgage payments/rent will still be there
-Groceries and utilities will still be there
-Salaries will still be stagnant and not catching up with inflation
-Unemployment (if one qualifies for it) will still be a mere 6 months and COBRA is not cheap!

Not sure what planet our lawmakers live on but $1,200.00 won’t take anyone very far in 2020.

Meanwhile do you know how long it takes to a CEO to make $1,200.00?

I am not saying I want CEOs to make less money after all I am completely enmeshed in, and benefiting from the liberal economy model and would be quite a hypocrite to deny that.

But wouldn’t it make sense the billionaires pay more taxes so we can inject that tax dollar into real solutions to help families.

Bill Gates agrees he should pay more taxes and I’m sure he’s not the only to think that.

The $1,200 check is not as outrageous as Marie-Antoinette’s infamous cake, but the out-of-touchness of it is getting me worked up.

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