Bloodroot Blooms In Morris Park, Philadelphia. WWW.THESANGUINEROOT.COM
Saturday, March 30th, 2013: Bloodroot Blooms In Morris Park, Philadelphia. WWW.THESANGUINEROOT.COM

The First Bloodroot has bloomed in Morris Park, March 30, 2013!  This bloom occurred in a discreet location where it is the first blooming patch every year. With the warm weather and sunny skies, we decided to visit this patch to see if it was blooming. A small bee was busy pollinating the flowers.

For those who are interested in seeing the blooming Bloodroot of Morris Park, it would be best to wait until the next few days that hopefully will occur in the upcoming two weeks that are sunny and above 50 degrees, maybe wait until the second or third day in a row of these conditions to get the best show. Afternoons are best, often the flowers are closed up in the morning.  Look on sunny, south facing slopes where there are oaks and hickories. The blooms are staggered, with different populations blooming at different times, often extending the overall bloom time for more than three weeks. This year is much colder than last year, so the blooming is about 10 days later.

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For more detailed information and discussion about this native wildflower, see our introductory article, A Native Flower Is Found.

Welcome to Spring, and do let us know if you find this flower blooming in your natural area or even in your own garden!

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