Sharply contrasting commutes: The Schuylkill expressway must be abandoned!

The traffic on the way home this Friday afternoon here in Philadelphia is unpleasant. Not for me, because I am on my bicycle. I just breezed past all of the stuck cars and zoomed home, even taking some mountain bike trails through the park. The two pictures below are taken just minutes apart and are two completely different worlds. Both taken in the midst of the city of Philadelphia. A startling contrast!

The Schuylkill expressway hardly moving.

Just hundreds of feet away and two minutes away from the first picture in this post of the woods of Fairmount Park.

I found a Tulip Poplar flower on the trail! This is the brief part of the year to celebrate this tree to its fullest!

Liriodendron tulipifera

Back to the urban planning aspect of this post:

It is great that I can bike from point A to point B in some cases in Philly and always take advantage of the opportunity when I can! It is a such a pleasure to go bicycling especially when the weather is fair. I wish everyone commuting in Philly this afternoon could have the same experience I had. It would help in the political process of collectively re-imagining and re-engineering our cities to be more pleasant and more environmentally intelligent. This post is part two of the Sanguine Root call for the total elimination of the Schuylkill Expressway.