Before we get into the Mayapples, this stunning Redbud tree welcomed us at the entrance to the mayapple forests of West Fairmount Park.

On the North side of the Horticultural Center

In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, the Mayapple ushers in Spring with large patches that cover the hillsides of the many ravines. The plants open up like an umbrella and give way to a bright white flower. Lowering my view to below the canopy of Mayapple leaves, I am greeted by a vast, but miniature Springtime forest. The robust waxy flowers shine when the sun hits them, if the plants are situated on a steep enough slope. Most flowers remain hidden in the shade below an often dense canopy of leaves.

Podophyllum peltatum

Mayapples with a Beech tree just north of the Recycling center, below.

Mayapples with Spring Beauty

Above, Trout Lily, often found growing alongside Mayapples in Fairmount Park

Facts? What is that?

That broken record or skipping cd -oh right, nowadays that is no longer a thing so the repetition is just another fact to ignore

I am being sarcastic here. We are about 70 days into this. however nothing has changed and it is probably going to get worse. Nobody wants to hear this. I certainly do not. We have to continue self distancing and staying at home. There is lots of propaganda out there that is contrary to this. Ignore it. like a broken record I will just say it again. Please think through all of your actions concerning this virus. Why are you actually wearing a mask why are you wearing gloves? Think about your trip to the supermarket from the very beginning to the very end.

Stay home if you can

I know it’s not fun and you are not happy and you may be lonely. These are tough times. I hope that you are staying in touch with your family and friends using the modern technology that may be available to you. If it is not available to you maybe you could try to get somebody to help you get it.

FaceTime and Zoom have been the pretty much go to ones although there are many others. Basically the idea is to not get sick. Which means you probably need to stay in the house a little longer than you would like.