Tony, we love you!

My good friend Tony is buried in front of the historic Gatehouse at Mt Moriah Cemetery, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The anniversary of Anthony Burton’s death is here. He suddenly passed away 14 years ago. I went to visit his grave and pay my respects to this wonderful man, and good friend. Tony was my neighbor 3 rowhouses down and after I moved in we got to know each other. He was very interested in who I was as a person and he was like that with everyone. He loved our block and everyone on it and always reached out. Tony had love to give out to this cruel world and nothing would stop him from delegating that out to whom he saw fit.

Tony immediately understood my desire to restore my rundown rowhouse and he was instrumental in getting me some of the missing house parts he had collected in his basement. Tony had an unusual quality about him, he was able to let go of his own worries and distractions and really be interested in other people. He loved to ask questions about people and sincerely wanted answers. He was always so grateful of anyone who engaged him. His reward was that he really knew people. He was so engaging with humanity and all of its beauties and deep flaws. As a police officer in his last days he was dealing with so much stress. He told me he had to cut a child down who hung himself at Overbrook High school, here in West Philadelphia.
He told me this knowing I would listen and absorb his story. He needed me to to hear his story, his experience and situation as a friend. I’m so glad to have been there for him.

Well, Tony, you are remembered and thought of kindly, as your last earthly remains are integrated into eternity.


Kelly Drive this afternoon, February 23rd 2023

The most effective monsters disguise themselves so they can more easily attack and consume their prey. In the picture above, Kelly Drive is pretending to be a quaint country road with charming turns and the occasional tunnel, along a serene waterway. A Victorian Sunday outing, along with a romantic association with the natural world, guiding the public to such destinations as the country cemetery, Laurel Hill, where there would be delightful afternoon picnics. The drive was intended originally to bring Philadelphians closer to nature, adorned with sculptures and elegant bridges.

However if you closer at this scene, you will see that an actual monster has taken over Kelly Drive! It is sucking the souls out of the drivers of these automobiles, all of them racing as fast as possible to not be there, to be somewhere else. Speeding as much as 60 miles per hour, many of them disregard the 35 mph speed limit and run red lights continuously and regularly at one point seriously endangering the life of yours truly, trying to lawfully cross the monster’s domain.

The monster wants more suvs, faster driving cars, road rage and violence, race cars with extremely loud sound output, stressed out and unhappy motorists. It loves traffic accidents and deaths the most. Traffic jams are good but not enough. Pedestrians must suffer greatly to feed the insatiable appetite of the Kelly Drive monster. Bicyclists are especially loathsome and treated accordingly while public transportation is unspeakable and subsequently nonexistent.

Like all monsters, Kelly Drive has an insatiable appetite for suffering, misery and death, while in disguise as a convenience!

Of course there is much more to say and discuss but look at how the Kelly Drive monster is swallowing up those cars!

Mt Moriah Cemetery: the Gray plot

The Gray plot captured my attention and I am mesmerized. The contrast between the exquisite polished pink granite and the unkempt abandoned state had my imagination going. I love the entryway with the massive spheres on each side of the gate, gleaming in the afternoon sun. Like much of the cemetery, the overgrown, abandoned state has much to offer, aesthetically and spiritually, telling a compelling story about our world and our existential state as a species and society.

Many of our past posts have delved into the nuts and bolts of environmental restoration issues, dealing mainly with invasive plant removal and the stabilization of existing native plant populations and many ongoing conversations have focused on this.

Lately, in our renewed and invigorated state as a blog, there is an interest in urban planning, land use and just the current state of the modern landscape. All of these things are interconnected, and please stay with us as we navigate through this complex ecosystem!

Enjoy the next seven photos of this intriguing cemetery plot, here in West Philadelphia!


The Gray plot, Mt Moriah Cemetery
The Gray Plot